Graphic Design Project One


The first project for the semester was poster designs for the local theater, Blackfriars Theater. For their poster campaign they gave us three plays to pick from, the class agreed on Twelfth Night and Glengarry Glen Ross. My poster designs were alright, but I feel like I spent too much time focusing on the Twelfth Night poster and not enough on the Glengarry Glen Ross. The font choice was very good for the play, being strong and masculine, but the image is very poor in comparison to the Twelfth Night poster. The poster for Grease was clean and clear, but I did not finish it. I only included it in this post to show the full set of the three posters together. Although Twelfth Night is my strongest design, my Glengarry Glen Ross and my Grease posters seem to go together better and the Twelfth Night seems to be the odd poster out. All three of the designs have the same dark colors and close up imagery that I tried to make similar between the three so the posters would have a theme. Overall the only poster of the three that I am extremely proud of is the Twelfth Night poster.


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